What if I said YOU could get paid first, before having to create your course first.


'How To Pre-Sell Your Online Digital Course & Scale It To 6-Figures and Beyond'


Sounds crazy, right? Hear me out because I am about to reveal how YOU can Pre-Sell your course:


WARNING: This is not some get rich quick scheme! 


Are you a coach, consultant, done for your service or some other 'trading time for money' business?


OR maybe you have a gift, and an expertise, or something your are passionate about, with a knowledge and skill that others would be dying to learn from you?


Sit back because I am about to reveal how to can take your expeetise and skills and turn it into a monthly consistent revenue income stream for your business, or even just a side histle to pay for that extra holiday.


Because what i have for you below on this page is gonna give you the clarity, focus, confidence, and "that's how you do it" hitting the ground running with s sure bet online digital course that your audience will go crazy for.


Are you ready?


Before I dive into the juicy stuff in helping you understand how to launch your very own "Founding Members Program" and bringing in sales from day 1...


... I want to quickly share my FAILED attempt when I first tried executing this process.


🚨 Please be aware that I stupidly thought I could skip some of the process of launching an online course, and unfortunately, my 'skipping corners' came back and BIT me in the backside...


It was 2016, and I was still working full time at Warner Bros. film studios where I had been working for almost a whole decade. As much as I enjoyed working in the film industry, I absolutely hated TWO things about working for an employer:

1️⃣ - I was missing out on quality and important times with my children due to long commuting in and out of the city.

2️⃣ - I loved my job as head coach for Europe, but I always wanted to be my own boss and my passion was to one day have my own business.


So I worked hard... every lunch break, every evening after work, even weekends - and I was determined to become an Entrepreneur.



My attempts of online sales and trying to make a side income from an online course were a TOTAL flop!

And that is why I invested in coach, a mentor, not just any mentor but James Wedmore. And from that moment onwards I discover a unique way to selling online digital courses.

My BETA - 'Founding Members' Launch Was a TOTAL Disaster:

Rewind a few years before I met James, I was trying every strategy, shiny object, new tool, new tech...

... you name it, I was desperate to try everything and to make it a success.

And I was trying this for 3 years on my own experiencing failure, after failure and so on...

Whichever way you look at it, even when you fail and learn from your mistakes, it still really hurts deep inside 💔


You have this excitement that you have built something with nothing but PURE passion, LOVE, knowledge, years of skills, crafting your own formula or mechanism that you could only wished you had when you first started out.


😭 And when you fail.. when you don't achieve WHAT you thought would be life-changing... when you have attached your emotions to your course that it HAS to be a winner... it rips your heart out when you don't get those results you thought you would.

It leaves you confused and embarrassed at the same time. What did I do wrong? What did I miss? So many emotions to deal with. 😵


That is what happened to me.

I spent 6 months creating the perfect online course. 6 months recording lessons, webinar slides, sale pages, bonuses... you name it, I did it.


I won't bore you with all the details...


Let's skip straight to HOW I went terribly wrong:

Because you are probably thinking, Jack was it your...

💲 Pricing that was off?

👩‍💻 Did you not have enough of an audience to sell to?

💔 Maybe people didn't think you were good enough to teach them?

📢 Did you not run Facebook ads or something?


👆 And guess what? It was neither of those things.


My audience DIDN'T want I was trying to sell them. They didn't NEED my course. They didn't have any desire to buy a course with the topic I had created.


So what was my BIG mistake?


I Didn't Understand My Audience Properly

I assumed I knew my audience. I assumed I knew what they wanted. I assumed that the course I wanted to create is what they would want too.


😭 And Because of Assuming I Sold ZERO Units. 


Assuming I knew what my audience wanted COST me a lot of wasted time and money.


I dusted off the dirt and invested in a coach to mentor me HOW to actually sell online coueses.


8 Weeks later and I hit it OUT the park with $12k online course sales.


And was from a $197 course.


And here's the magic:

I recorded ZERO video lessons for this course.

I didn't waste months creating webinar slides.

I didn't spend hours of wasted time posting on social media not knowing if it was going to work.


Instead, I simply focused on THREE fundermentals:

1) Attracting the RIGHT Audience

2) Selling Them WHAT They Want

3) Working on an Irresistible Offer


22 NEW students later and I thought I had just won the lottery. That was a life-changing moment for me.


So much so... I handed in my notice to Warner Bros. so that I could fulfil my dream of running my own business.


And as the saying goes. The rest is history! Now I am privilege to coach online entrepreneurs, course creators, and coaches run their own successful launches and go from Course IDEA --> Building a Business Empire. 😍


'FIVE Massive Benefits to Deploying a 'Pre-Sell' Launch



I coach my students how to do this with my 'Fast Track Launch Method' - It is the absolute BEST way to start selling your product, and starting your online business empire. 

There are FIVE Massive Benefits to Deploying a 'Pre-Sell' LAUNCH.


1. You Get PAID FIRST! 

The last you ever want to do is spend 6 months of your life creating content without getting paid... and what if no one wants what you've got? You just wasted way too much time (like I did)!

Instead, you create a frenzy of buyers who all join YOU in building your amazing brand-spanking NEW flagship program and THEY help you build and create the content (exciting).



Getting Paid is the *ONLY* VALIDATION of a GREAT OFFER. Getting Paid First gives you EVIDENCE that you're on the right path.

Think about it. Would you rather GET paid first and then build something. Or build something first and hope you get paid for it.


3. It's the EASIEST OFFER to SELL: 

My 'Fast Track Launch' pitch is a very enticing offer with low expectations... designed to get you homerun results! 

And your audience will LOVE you too. Giving your audience the opportunity to help you build your online program is an exciting opportunity for them to be apart of the process and have something that THEY want to be created for them.


4. It Creates Your BEST Case Studies: 

I don't need to tell you that you can't sell your stuff well without great case studies. With the Fast Track Launch Method, your founding members become your BEST Case Studies... making your future launches even more profitable!



Instead of worrying about whether or not your course or membership is "good enough," your Founding Members give you constant FEEDBACK on how to make your product amazing. Without their feedback, how will you ever make it the best?


Here’s the #TRUTHBOMB 💣 


This Is The Real Truth About Course Creators Who Become Exhausted & Overwhelmed:


To run a successful Online Course Launch, it takes some planning and implementation not to mention the right strategies at the right time. 


And let me warn you... 


😭 Launching. Alone. Is. NOT. Fun!

⛵️ Sailing alone feeling LOST at sea is NOT fun!

🌊 Feeling out of depth trying your hardest to build a business is NOT fun!

😵 Spending weeks spinning your wheels in the mud feeling confused is NOT fun!

🧩 Trying to work out all the moving parts to a launch and piece it all together alone is NOT fun!

😞 Feeling overwhelmed not having anyone to turn to for help is NOT fun!

🥱 Watching countless hours of online course training videos and the feeling like you still don't understand the process is NOT fun!

Launching. Alone. Is. NOT. Fun!


And that is EXACTLY why I have specifically designed an online program that gives you the exact training, support, live coaching, done 4 you swipes... and more!

A program that takes you by the hand, and leads you from course idea, to packaging your EXPERTISE, making your content SELLABLE, and launching your IDEA into the world.


Introducing: '60-Days To Launch Your Course' & The Fast Track Launch Method!


Inside you'll discover OUR unique way of removing the risk and uncertainty of launching your 1st online course, and show you the exact path that is working better than ever for our students who start from ZERO to launching an online business and are equipped to go on to become multi 6-figure success stories after completing the program.


60-Days to Launch Your Course' is a 6 module on-demand training, where I guide you through a step by step proven system, and easy to follow blue-print that will give you the focus, clarity, and confidence that you need to package your knowledge into a profitable digital product and course… AND how to get it into the hands of the people that need your help!


NOW have the opportunity to launch like a PRO even if you don't have a big list like the gurus.


Let us show you how to have more fun doing it!

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Thank you for reading my blog and getting this far. I genuinely am grateful for your time and if you have read all the way down to this point (and not just scroll to the bottom), then you must be a perfect candidate for 60-Days To Launch Your Course--> The ONLY system to package your knowledge into a profitable online digital product.



‣ Jack Long

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From 1st course to Online Empire!

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