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Imagine if

... you were holidaying with your family and you get notifications after notifications of NEW payments of $497 or $1997 from someone purchasing your online course - on the beach collection shells, sipping your favourite drink in the sun, making sandcastles with your kids...


That’s what happened to me. 


Worked stupid long hours offering done-4-you services? Been there 

Got NO time or energy to grow your business? Been there

Course flops? Been there

No email list or following? Been there, too.


I created my first online course in 2015, and I’ve been helping others launch their courses ever since. Today, I know what it takes to help service providers and influencers create & launch a profitable online course and I am excited to show you how.


Ready? 3 . 2 . 1 .

Have you been on the verge of or about to launch your online course, coaching program or digital business for far too long?


I’ve been there. And let me tell you… Once I realised this ONE thing, everything changed. You wanna know what it is? Okay, here goes…

Launching online products can be really easy, you just gotta follow the right path!

Perfectionism is your ENEMY!


Instead, I say: "Create a course now one time that you can sell and impact lives with again and again and again…"


So if you're waiting for…


… the "right" time?

… more experience or credentials under your belt? 

… a bigger email list or audience?

I want to encourage you to set those reasons aside and jump just in NOW!


"Get Started NOW! ... Make It PERFECT Later!" 

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I’ll walk you through how to
create your course content in
just a weekend (really!)

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See exactly how to setup
your course, give it a home, and
how to deliver it for $0

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Learn the simple steps to
guarantee your first $5k / $10k (or more) with a simple launch promotion


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"I will always be forever grateful for Jack Long and his amazing launch strategies.

If you want to turn your expertise & your passion into a multi 6-figure per year business, then you need to work with Jack"

Christianne Wolff - thebodyrescueplan.com

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"Without Jack Long and his launch expert coaching, we would have never reached our $85,000 launch for my YouTube Bootcamp

If you are brand new to launching an online course, or you want to scale the one you have, Jack will have you get there faster than another coach out there"

Erika Vieira - erikavieira.net


Jack Long

Hello! I’m Jack Long, and I online programs, courses and group coaching to help small online businesses, influencers, service providers, and individual experts uncover their passion & gifts and launch profitable online digital products.


I’m the creator of #FastTrackToFiveFigures, and as well as my online coaching programs, and toolkits, I am also the founder of my #LaunchIntensiveBootcamp, an online intensive program that helps online entrepreneurs looking to scale their Expert Business from ZERO to 6 & 7 figures.


I’ve been an online marketer for almost 6 years, although I kick started my own online business 10 years ago, and since then I have helped personal brands & influencers including James Wedmore, Rachel Miller, best selling author Christianne Wolff, and more earn collectively millions of dollars by launching their online courses & digital programs.

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My Family is my WHY.

I’m an ex-Warner Bros. head coach turned six-figure Founder of my online business that offers training programs and 1:1 coaching services.

And my journey started so that I was no longer dependant on working for someone else, and instead I dreamed of earning my own income so that I could spend every milli second that I could with my 3 crazy boys.

Fast forward to almost a decade in the online game and my mission NOW is to help as MANY online business owners like you achieve what I have created for me and my family.

I craved the financial freedom so I could work on my own time and terms and spend more time with my family.

Guess what?

I made it.

And I’m here to make sure you make it too.

1:1 Coaching, Mentorship, Consultation, and Group Coaching

Scale Your Business from your current 'comfort zone', to being able to hit your next level business achievement of 6 or even 7-figures with our High-Touch Coaching Experience.


Having worked with some the best experts in the industry, we have developed our high-value and high-touch coaching experience that is focused on elements like growing your coaching business, attracting more clients, or even launching your digital product. Whether you need to craft your irresistible offer, execute your most profitable launches yet, or learn how to delegate and automate for massive scaling, we have the right SYSTEMS and training inside our exclusive coaching programs.

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Online Coaching Programs & Workshops.


In literally weeks (in under a month) our online courses will help you take your ideas and turn them into a polished, high-value, online digital product that will start generating passive income from the get-go for your business.

Whether you need to nail your niche, reach more people, build your audience, identify what you are selling, put better systems in place, relaunch an existing product to the next level, or start with an idea and turn it into a monthly income stream of revenue... We have on-demand trainings, courses, and live coaching events that will help you grow your business to new heights, or even kick start your business if that is where you're at. Sign up to our newsletter for more information. 

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STOP! If you are creating an online course and you are about to record all your course content first! What if I told you that you can get paid upfront for your knowledge and experts without wasting months creating lessons first... read this blog and discover HOW you can instantly validate your course idea, and more!

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I keep hearing the same noise from online digital course creators and experts... "I want recurring revenue.. I wish I could stabilize my income better..." What if I told you there was a method staring you in the face and I am about to spill the beans... you may look at memberships differently after discovering what I have for you inside!


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