FIVE Quiz Tips That Will EXPLODE Your Email List & GROW Your Business!


Quick Question: How is your current FREEBIE (lead magnet) performing?


(side note: a 'lead magnet' is your free giveaway that you offer to your audience in exchange for their email address. This could be a PDF, CheatSheet, eBooks, free email course... etc etc)


Is yours converting at 5%... maybe 10%....

... or have you hit the 'Crème de la crème' status converting at 35% like one of those "Gurus" you see?


I am not going to mock the good ol' PDF or fancy free eBook guide that took you a week to put together in Canva.


But I am here to tell you that YOU can convert higher than 35% with a freebie giveaway and you absolutely can EXPLODE your email list growth with less effort too!


The search for the best online email list building tool stops here!


If you’re an online business owner with dreams of flooding your online courses with happy paying students? You know the odds are heavily stacked against you if you don't grow a highly relevant email list like, yesterday!


And NOT just highly relevant, but with a list of "Ready to Buy" subscribers too!


If you're an expert or entrepreneur with amazing courses, and services to sell but without a constant flow of loyal leads, your revenue will tank faster than a lead balloon.


Random Fact Of The Day:

🌎 Did you know that there are tons of debris floating around earth right now in outer space!


There are 1000s of pointless satellites that once had purpose and are now floating around serving no one and doing nothing but looking lost and sad in outer space! 🛰

 Space junk facts and information


And the same can be said for the online space and digital trash that is floating around the internet trying to attract the same old customer types who don't want the boring eBooks anymore!


And it gets worse! 

Online marketing has become harder and more overwhelming than it was 5 years ago when all you needed was an eBook!


You see, the people who you ACTUALLY want to get on your email list aren't as keen to hand over their email like they used to be! Your ideal customers (and mine) have become more savvy and are turning their noses up at your 'Perfect PDF Lead Magnet' you poured so much love over.


"BUT JACK!!! You said email list building is as important NOW than ever! How can I grow my list without a PDF?"


Fortunately, you don't have to fear that your lead magnet doesn't end up like another satellite no body wants anymore and ends up floating around in digital space!


My aim by the end of this page is to get you excited to create your own high converting email list building QUIZ that will not only EXPLODE your email list growth, but can also EXPLODE your monthly income which my clients have been experiencing.


👉 QUIZZES are the most effective way to explode your email list & grow your biz!

As you'll see the screenshot below, our current quiz converts at an amazing 82% conversion rate vs the traditional PDF download that converts at 35% (and thats for the lucky handful of folks who have managed to get there's to convert that high)!


The psychology of a buzz feed style quiz will hook the attention of your ideal client and fill your email list faster than thrill seekers rushing to the newest roller coast at Disney land.








Tip #1: Ensure That Your QUIZ Aligns With the Service or Product You Are Offering!

Let's say someone specialises in helping online influencers grow their Instagram to the next level, and they teach their students how to monetize their Instagram followers.

This Online Digital Entrepreneur could create a simple quiz such as “what kind of influencer are you?”.

The QUIZ would directly related to their online course & services that helps influencers grow their brand and business on Instagram. This QUIZ would be great because as a business owner you can provide huge value to the quiz taker by guiding them through how they can determine their influencer niche.

If you’re having trouble with this, think about questions you get asked ALL the time.

For instance, I help Online Digital Entrepreneurs create and market their online courses with simplified strategies.


Four popular questions that my audience ask me on a regular basis are:

1) Which online course platform should I use to host my course? 

2) Which price is right for my online course?

3) What type of course topic should I teach?

4) How do I promote and sell my online course & services?


Any one of those four questions would make a great quiz!

Here's another example of that:

Make sure that your QUIZ title aligns with your MAIN offer!



Tip #2: You Want to Select the Right Quiz Type For Your Audience!

There are a few quiz types, and personality quizzes are usually the most popular. However, you might find that a 'Scored Quiz', or 'Diagnostic Quiz' might be best for you.

To be honest, I don't actually teach my students to create a complicated yes / no answer style quiz that is more complex than trying to defuse a bomb like in the film 'The Hurt Locker'.

Instead, I have my students discover more about their audience, and WHAT makes their audience want to buy from them... WHAT types of offers can they present to their audience that would attract 'impulse buyers'.

We want to grow our email lists with "Ready to Buy" subscribers and to do this we want to make sure that when creating your QUIZ that you have based your Questions & Answers on your audiences BIGGEST problems and frustrations...

... and then you simply develop your QUIZ results based on your audiences PERFECT solution to the MAIN problem that they have (more on this later below).



Tip #3: Write a Clickable Title For Your Quiz!

Just like your email subject lines, you need to entice your visitors to click on your quiz. If your readers don’t get intrigued by your quiz topic, they won’t click on the button to take it.

In one of my quizzes, I simply asked, “Which Online Course Topic Should You Offer To Your Audience?”

I then have a sub title that tells my audience that there are 5 profitable course topics and choosing the wrong one for your business will result in your overall profitability.

This has my audience thinking thoughts like...

"what if I have chosen the wrong topic" 

"what are the 5 course topics and do I have one of the 5"

"what is the most profitable topic" and so on!


Try starting your TITLE with an open question:

"What does...

"Which ______ does your....

"Are you...

"Is your...

"Do you...



Tip #4: Create Questions That Engage!

Your QUIZ must be fun... Your QUIZ has to engaging... Your QUIZ must set you apart from the competition.

Don’t make your QUIZ too long. I advise between 5-7 questions should be perfectly enough.

Just remember that long quizzes feel more like taking a survey and people will quit right in the middle if they get bored or feel that your QUIZ is taking too long.


ONE tip I like to tell my students is to use images as the answers to your questions. Images are very engaging and they keep your audiences attention levels high.


It is also important to use clever psychological questions and use certain words that draw the right information out of your audience, but also keeping them engaged at the same time!


Quiz Question #1 Example

Give your quiz-takers an easy first question of multiple choice answers that they can relate to or identify with:

Example: 'Which of The Following Best Describes Your Weight Loss Efforts'


Quiz Questions #2-5 Examples

Try asking a series of questions that tap into the external emotions, and the internal emotions of your ideal perfect customers.


Quiz Question #7

The Final question you should ask is to have your QUIZ takers visualise where they want to be in the future vs where they are now.

This does TWO things...

1 - being the last question means that they will be more committed to submitting their email address because you are promising a RESULT that will give them the necessary steps that they need to reach their dream destination that they visualise to be one day.

2 - When they land on the result page after taking your QUIZ, you will present amazing valuable content that gives your new subscriber a detailed path as to HOW they can quickly get into that future vision they seek!


HOT TIP: Use images or GIFS in some of your questions as seen in my screenshot below for one of our quizzes:



Tip #5: Create Results That Prompt Action!

This is one of my favourite tips. The goal is to encourage your subscriber to take action. You want them to read your results and say, “oh yeah, that’s me... I need this expert in my life!”


The true power of your QUIZ isn’t in your quiz questions and answers... but rather in how well your QUIZ results are written.


You can also use the quiz results to segment your list (powerful). Let’s assume that you have a quiz is for Online Entrepreneurs to kick start a Podcast Show 

“Where you are on the Podcaster roadmap?”


Depending upon their answers, you can segment:

Business Owner who is at the idea stage for a Podcast

Business Owner who has just started out and has already purchased the equipment needed

Business Owner who have been Podcasting for a while but aren't monetizing their show

etc etc etc


By segmenting your audience like this allows you to send out targeted information or offers based on where that subscriber is currently at in their journey/ situation. And this allows you to serve your audience with offers that are perfect for them... which triggers IMPUSE BUYERS!



AND THOSE Are My TOP TIPS For Turning QUIZZES Into a Lead Gen Tool That Generates More Income For Your Business!


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